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  • Planting seedling bags white size 6*9′ (inches). Made of non-woven material, 20gsm to 35gsm. They are being used to plant seedlings by farmers across the country. Very affordable and safe for our environment.
    These bags are bio-degradable and made in various sizes to suit your seedling planting needs. KFS and its stakeholders have embraced the ban on plastic bags and they have started using these non-woven planting bags.

    Size: 6*9 Inch
    Grammage: 30gsm
    Color: White
    Package: In packets of 50pcs
    Bale: 2000pcs
    Minimum Order: 500pcs.
    Delivery: At a fee for orders below Ksh: 15,000. Free Delivery on orders above Ksh:15000 within Nairobi.

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